Do you sell larger quantities of prayer cloths ?
Yes we also offer in 2500 and 5000 quantities, at large savings. If you were buying 200 at a time, but made a 2500 purchase you would save $100. Or made a 5000 purchase you would save $250.
Will you print on different color cloth ?
If you are purchasing  regular cloths without personal information on them, you have to choose scripture we have listed. If you are purchasing personal information printed on your cloths, you may choose  any scripture in the KJV If you have any questions, please call or email us.
We  print color ink on white cloth, they look much better.  We can print on some lighter colors of cloth, but white ink works best on color cloth. we would have to charge more because of the higher cost of colored fabric. If you would like a different colored prayer cloth please call and we will give you a quote.
Can you print Pastor's name, email address and phone number ?
Question and Answers
Yes you may have us print these, however sometimes we have to use smaller print to fit in all the information.
Can I use different scriptures ?