Welcome to,    If you want Regular cloths which
where we custom design and    include a Border and Scripture,
print prayer cloths.    Please Click Here.
We have customers throughout the   
United States, in Israel and England.    If you want Personal Information
We sell to Churches, Ministers and    on your cloths, (Church name, etc)
individuals.    A $20 one time only screen charge
Prayer cloths are to be anointed with oil,    will apply. Please Click Here.
prayed over and given to the sick.   
Our prayer cloths are screen printed    If you are already a customer and
on (approximately) 4.5 x 5 inch White    have bought a screen before,
cotton blend cloth.    Please Click Here.
You may choose which Border   
and Scripture to use at check out    200 prayer cloths only  $38.00
page.    500 prayer cloths          $87.00
We have to build a screen for personal info to    1000 prayer cloths       $162.00
be printed on cloths (one time charge applies).    Screen Charge               $20.00
If you have any questions please call  (205)221- 7407 or  E-mail

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